Stephen J. Foster, MA, LPC

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Stephen Foster, PhD., MA, LPC, Diplomate Jungian Analyst is a graduate Jungian analyst with a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, Colorado Jung Institute, and is a Senior Training Analyst with the Boulder Association of Jungian Analysts 

Jungian psychology has its roots in the development of the individual, and what Jung called the individuation process.  It recognizes that we all have our own path with its individual challenges, and personal callings. Jung saw symptoms (anxiety, depression, ADD, and dissociation) as attempts by the psyche to heal itself, and our work is to try to understand the meaning behind these symptoms. In analysis we work with dreams, images, art and other products of the unconscious to explore these symptoms with the goal of finding meaning in our lives.  

Jung recognizes the collective unconscious, a link to humanities deeper roots and a constant source of archtypal images that allows us to connect to our cultural roots; to our mythic origins. When we are activated by people places and things around us (what Jung called complexes) we often do not know why until we explore the connections to our personal past, and how these complexes might indicate a drive to the deeper needs in our lives.

Therefore, Stephen is particularly interested in exploring, in a related way, the symptoms that interferre with our lives, our relationships and our individualtion process. 

Jungian psychotherapy can be short-term work that focusses on a particular issue, or can be long-term work that connects an individual to their life-long individuation process, which can bring meaning to suffering, a sense of purpose and direction to one who feels lost.

Jung was one of the first transpersonal psychologists, and recognized the presence of what he called the Self, or deeper transpersonal guide within the psyche.  The Self can influence our lives in a deep and meaningful way, and connecting with it can relieve symptoms, provide meaning and help with our relationship.